We use state-of-the-art processes that gently clean your entire wardrobe, from your finest fashions and business attire to casual wear.

Our premium laundry detergent is enzyme-based, making your whites whiter and colors brighter. This detergent is especially good at breaking up grease, oil, and food stains. Cheaper detergents (including most detergents for use in the home) simply cannot produce these results. 

Sheets, comforters, and yes, even curtains. Our dry cleaning and laundry services for your household items are all part of our exclusive Garment Service. 

Whether you bought something new and need it tailored, or you just want an older, treasured garment to look and feel better on you, rely on our expert alterations service to “fit” the bill!

your wedding dress may also one day become the treasured gown of your daughter or granddaughter. That’s why it deserves the very best care—that’s why you can count on Society Cleaners. 

We’ve been preserving the beauty of delicately-designed wedding gowns for over a decade. We know from experience that every detail on the gown demands gentle handling and careful attention, including paying meticulous attention to all cleaning and handling instructions provided by the manufacturer.  

We carefully inspect the condition of your suede and leather garments, checking for stains and damage to determine the safest method of treating and cleaning them. We then clean your garments in our carefully balanced system of detergents and solvents to ensure their natural oils are retained.

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